VW T5 Kombi Conversion

How I did what I did and why!

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Always wanted a T5 and finally got one at 6 months old (it not me). Very useful for going away camping or sailing. Loads of storage space and somewhere to sleep. However it could be more useful if I modified the interior to suit our requirements

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15 July, 2010 (21:23) | Lining | By: pete

Insulation: B&Q recyled plastic bottle insulation. www.diy.com Selected this because: It is safer / healthier than rockwool for starters; You get more for your money than the sheeps wool for B&Q; You can stuff it into holes better than polystyrene or celotex boards; It doesn’t make squeeky noises like polystyrene or celotex boards; Quicker and […]