VW T5 Kombi Conversion

How I did what I did and why!

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Always wanted a T5 and finally got one at 6 months old (it not me). Very useful for going away camping or sailing. Loads of storage space and somewhere to sleep. However it could be more useful if I modified the interior to suit our requirements

Tag: Leisure Battery

Leisure Battery Life Span…

15 July, 2010 (22:32) | Electrics | By: pete

As mentioned in a previous post, I had to quickly get the van back together ready for a weekend away. On the Friday evening, I connected a 12v cig socket direct to the leisure battery with an inline fuse. This was so that I could run the cool box and not worry about the battery […]

Split Charge Installation.

28 June, 2010 (10:06) | Electrics | By: pete

Well the other week I stripped the van so I could see what was what. Had to figure out how I was going to route all the cables from the main battery to the leisure battery. The aim was to locate the leisure battery under the drivers seat. Now I know it looks very messy, […]

Auxillary Battery Selection

27 June, 2010 (17:52) | Electrics | By: pete

Best to start with what I want in the van, then we can discuss loading and ultimately battery selection. Lighting The LED’s – very bright, and designed for decking / Kitchen plinths etc. I have a box of blue and a box of white. I doubt I’ll be using all of the LED’s, but the […]

Battery Charging System – Design

20 June, 2010 (05:28) | Electrics | By: pete

Charging System 12v Charging Supply The obvious plan of attack is for a VSR (Voltage Sensing Relay). The VSR is connected across the main engine battery and if the engine battery is above a threshold voltage (pre determined and set inside the VSR unit), the relay is energised and allows a positive voltage to pass […]